Learn the faces, learn the names

Remembering Lab Workers’ names

Everyone has had this experience.

You start work at a new place.  You are introduced to fourteen people in your first day, and you can’t remember eleven of them by the end of it.  Now you’ve been introduced, though, it’d be rude to ask their names, and so you don’t.  You can then go for years without being sure who is called what.

This isn’t an option for the lab manager.  So much of this job is based on trust and the personal relationship, so you need to remember people’s names from the get-go.

I use flashcards on Anki to remember new people’s names.  Make sure you have profile pictures for everybody, and then make flashcards, putting the faces on one side, and the names plus titles on the other side.  That’s even more helpful when you are dealing with names that might be unfamiliar to you (I work with many chinese names, so this is a real benefit to me.)

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