Day 2 of World Congress 2017



Martina Hesse Spotter says that interaction, as well as engaging, personal stories make a bigger impact.  This is the principle behind video games.

A eulogy for Olaf Petermann – many people seem distressed.  He must have been well known and well liked.

9:35 Media awards have just happened.  This one is really good:


17:00 returning to liveblogging after twitter has decided to prevent me from live tweeting the conference for some reason.

Still not sure what control banding is.

It’s our job to minimize our exposure to

NIOSH masks are better than dust masks for nanotech.  Confine nanotech to enclosed hoods.

Next up Sandrine Caroly (Safety & Health at Work, 2017)

How to implement prevention in a context of uncertainty?

Basically, we have had a ludicrous amount of debate and investigation of this, and we still don’t know whether or not this tuff is dangerous.  This is fantastically not comforting.

Okay, this is more useful – use a beaker not a paper to measure nanoparticles.

Apparently nanoparticles can shred the standard filters – oh, boy.  This is not good.

No technical system to measure the amount of nanoparticles the filters absorb.  Again, not good.

Conclusion: we don’t really know what these things can do to the human being, or how they’d affect us, so don’t get any on you and hope for the best.

17:20: More of the same.






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