World Congress 2017, day 3 liveblog


Reverting to liveblog since twitter is being silly.

9:33 a.m.  Heng Chiang Gnee takes the stage.  Subject: “People-Centred Prevention”.

The S.T. Spyros explosion killed 76 people – Gnee uses this to remind us of the importance of health and safety.

He’s now stressing that this hits the poor, migrant workers first.

New requirements came  about, including one for daily safety meetings.  Compare with what MLA said about the daily walk-down the Aircraft carrier.

There’s been fatal accidents every year.  Still, even the highpoint (1997) saw 103 out of a population 5.75 million.

The most important event is the collapse of the Nicoll Highway on 20th of April, 2004, 3:30 p.m.  3 injured, 4 lives lost.  700 businesses affected, 15,000 people affected.

Next year the new WSH framework came about.  The WSH Council – employers, employees, government, professionals, community

Says the main challenge the council faces is its image.

He emphasizes that this is mainly about psychology


10:30 a.m.  Sitting in the Technical Session 5, the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Future of Prevention.

Hans Horst Konkolewski  has taken the stage and is discussing the dangers and risk of digitialization.

“We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will change fundamentally the way we live and – ” aren’t we always?

Pretty cool:



Peter Weyland said it better:


Marie Defrance has taken the stage, unfortunately, she is speaking all in french.  Pity – “A Safety Oddessy” sounds interesting.  I should have knuckled down and learned it earlier.

Keyword, “Deindustrialization”

“Software is now omnipresent in all fields of production”, with a concomintant risk of hacking.

47% of human work is being replaced by automation.

9% of jobs threatened by automation in France.

20% owith changes in tasks threatened by automation in France.

10:53 Yuge investments in artifiicial intelligence – and Putin says who wins the AI race rules the world.

massive automation of production, but six new jobs are created – does that mean new kinds of jobs or just new jobs?

11:04 – “minority report”, can we predict trouble before it happens?

Cognitive computing in the service of prevention.

DigibestInstallation of sensors in a hallucinating patient’s apartment.

The point of this is that everything we do generates Data.

IBM’s Watson computer won Jeopardy – I’m still a little leery of all this.  Nicholas Nassim Taleb warned about over-reliance on this stuff shortly before the whole housing market blew up.

The computer can read several billion pages in seconds.  17 seconds to read 3469 textbooks.  Hook me up, here come the Singularity.

11:18 Big Data to predict and prevent work injuries.  

The INAIL BIG DATA ongoing activities

Using mobile phone for estimating dynamic poluation densities and mobilities.

10:37  RoboCop is being introduced.

1:40 Cyberdyne systems – now there’s a name – is developing an exoskeleton

On-body lifting aid reduces low-body strain very well.

Jurgin Schulin 

Digital Manufacturing

Cyber Physical systems

12:03 – cue the poem about social media.

Digibesitas – the tiredness that comes from too much digital input.

The internet has done a wonderful job of hoovering up the free time it created.

17:23 – back from the DuPont demo (will be writing about this later).  Wandered into a talk about new techniques for OSH – they emphasize the following points:

  1. Craftsmanship, making your safety culture a matter of pride
  2. Grasping at both end – the designers and users should check something
  3. Intervention – simple and straightforward
  4. Walk your talk.  Everyone should spend time on the shop-floor.
  5. The simpler the better

“Excellence through STAMP’


17:30 – interesting presentation on lifts & the supertrees at MBS.





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