World Congress 2017, last day

Dr. William Tan is giving us a speech by video – he was put in a wheelchair by polio and now is a neuroscientist, and has crossed the pole in a wheelchair.  One of those people who makes you see how little you’ve accomplished.

7 marathons in 7 continents – in a wheelchair.  “Today’s disabled are tomorrow’s enhanced” indeed.

Safety and Health is not a sprint, it’s a marathon race – do it better each time.

0 fatalities in 100,000

….jesus, stage 4 leukemia?  And he’s still going?

Polio hit Singapore in the 60s – it is hard to remember that this country is only 50 years away from third-world status.

Apparently polio started with 2 drops of contaminated water.

Unwilling to settle for mediocrity.  “Make an extraordinary effort”

“Winners don’t make excuses”


Attention to details.  The Sherlock Holmes principle.  Never trivialize warning signs.

Winners are good starters AND good finishers.  Go all the way

I’m not one for motivational speakers as a rule, but Dr William Tan was amazing.




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