Lab safety and terrorism

No one can afford to ignore terrorism today.  Unfortunately, laboratories are prime targets for terrorism.

I’m not talking about attacks, but in the acquiring of material to conduct attacks.  I have previously written about pressure vessels and that they can blow sky high.  Other examples that would be useful are flammable chemicals, toxic chemicals or explosive precursors.  Not to mention the ultimate nightmare of a biological weapon

So it matters that you keep a sharp eye on who goes in the lab and who does not.  Electronic access cards are standard today.  Dangerous substances, such as explosive precursors, should be locked up in a cabinet that has 24 hour recording, records kept for 30 day minimum.

Another thing that I’ve found helps is setting up IP cameras at the lab doors that record anyone coming in an out (motion-sensitive).  I’ll be writing about how to do this in a future post.

Explosive precursors are a particular worry.  You should have a running log of what you have in the lab and how much.  Any removals or returns need to be noted.  And for crying out loud, make sure nothing enters the laboratory without your knowledge and permission.

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