Chemical compatibility can lead to explosions

Basics of chemical compatibility

Chemical compatibility is frankly a subject of dread.  And for good reason.

Here is a database of chemical compatibilities.  And here is a chart that gives a short version:

Gives you some idea of how bad things can get...
Chemicals that can be stored next to each other


The ones you really want to watch out for are H & E, the heat producers and the explosives.  Those can cause you more pain that you can imagine.

However – however, this is all academic in a certain way.  There are close to fourteen million recognised chemicals on the market.  That means that no one has a complete idea of the chemical hazards involved in mixing.

This doesn’t mean that separation is optional.  Here’s a picture of what happens when you store bleach – in a bottle – next to iron tools.  The fumes are enough to do this:

Imagine something really nasty spreading fumes....
Metal corroded by bleach fumes


So perhaps the only approach is to separate what you can.

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