Welcome to the Based Lab Man!



When I switched from the postdoc route to the lab manager route, I was staggered by how little stuff there is on managing a lab day to day.

Resources like The Journal of Chemical Health and Safety  are technical (and paywall protected!) while Lab Manager magazine has more of a technical, popular science slant.  These are both good publications, mind, and I read each issue cover to cover.  It is just that they don’t cover the basics of how to be a good lab manager.

So I decided to fill the gap.  I’m still learning, learning every day, and when I find something that might be useful, I write it up and put it up here.

Why ‘based’ Lab Manager?

Because it sounds good!  I was experimenting with many titles and none sounded quite right.  Then I heard the term “based” on the interwebs, meaning ‘down to earth, commonsensical’, and that is exactly what I am trying to hit with this blog.  Also, I’m managing a chemical lab, and I quite like the rather lame pun.

Who is the Based Lab Man?

That’s me up there.  I’ve been setting up and managing labs and mini-labs for most of the last ten years; recently, I’ve started being paid for it!